Leo Negron
Senior Security Consultant

Leo Negron, Senior Security Consultant

Mr. Negron is a seasoned network and security consultant with more than 20 years’ experience with Information Technology, including five years in the electrical utility industry. Mr. Negron specializes in network design, including design, architecture, development, implementation, and troubleshooting.

Mr. Negron has experience investigating communication problems including routing issues, firewall configurations, and QinQ configurations on several devices including Cisco, Transition Networks, Brocade, Juniper, and Ubiquiti. Also, Mr. Negron has experience with NetFlow, Wireshark, Tripwire, and SolarWinds.

Mr. Negron has more than eight years’ experience as a liaison between Operations and Engineering, providing documentation and training support and troubleshooting assets covered under the NERC CIP standards. Mr. Negron participated in a large project that converted a backbone network from frame relay to MPLS; this work included:

  • Routing design and implementation,
  • Distribution level access points to the backbone network consistent with NERC CIP Standards and best networking practices, and
  • Tools including design for jump servers, configuration management, and network management.

Mr. Negron deployed fiber solutions and performed link diagnosis on carrier level equipment to pick up several power substations. Mr. Negron also re-configured firewalls on access router locations and identified and reconciled assets within ESPs and PSPs.

Mr. Negron served in the US ARMY in the 4th Infantry Division HQ at Fort Hood, TX. While there, he worked in application support and on the backbone network that served the FBCB2 platforms for United States armed forces. During that time, Mr. Negron worked in many diverse technologies including server management, ATM switching, line of sight communications configurations, firewall audits, VOIP, and several routing protocols. Mr. Negron worked for the Georgia National Guard at Fort Stewart, GA as the primary Director of Information Technology, where he supported critical network assets.

Mr. Negron received his degree in Advanced Networking from Phoenix University. Also, he holds a Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.