Information & Cyber Security

Network & Security Technologies (N&ST) provides Information and Cyber Security consulting services for commercial and government organizations.

Our security consultants have significant experience assisting companies in the secure handling of sensitive information, the building of IT risk management/governance programs and improving security awareness. N&ST offers practical solutions that solve our client’s most critical security problems.

Security Assessment (ISO 27001)

Our experts identify current and potential security threats and make a set of prioritized recommendations for immediate and ongoing risk reduction that maps to your regulatory standards.

Hydropower Cyber Security

N&ST has worked with clients to assess and build sustainable programs that address cyber security for compliance with the FERC Security Program for Hydropower Projects.

Penetration Testing

Our security consultants uncover critical vulnerabilities by gathering information about your network and its public presence, performing Internet perimeter scanning and war dialing, and conducting focused probing of your specific devices.

Application Security Assessment

Network & Security Technologies has developed a structured methodology for analyzing the applications that operate over your IT and OT infrastructures. This process looks at the entire process to identify security problems that can expose data, disable operations, and cause other serious consequences.

Secure Network Design

Our team designs comprehensive security solutions that improve an organization’s ability to protect its key cyber assets and effectively prevent security breaches.

Policy and Procedure

Network & Security Technologies security consultants develop policies and procedures that reduce the risk of security breaches, improve detection and response capabilities, facilitate advanced change management practices, and increase the ease of access for authorized users.

Security Implementation

The dedicated Network & Security Technologies project team ensures the proper installation of strong network defenses, including: security policies and procedures, perimeter security measures, authentication and authorization systems, access control devices, and, if appropriate, a public key infrastructure (PKI).