NERC CIP Remediation Services

How do we fix our problems? What do we need to do? What is the best approach?

The problems you face are fixed through Remediation Services. The specific task and schedule requirements of your remediation project will depend on the size and complexity of your information technology and operational technology infrastructures and the results of their most recent CIP Standards gap analysis, vulnerability assessment, or mock audit findings. Remediation Services are used to close the gaps within your program.

N&ST will work closely with you to define tasks that are appropriate to your specific needs.

A comprehensive remediation project typically includes several or all of the following representative tasks:

  • Assets, BES Cyber System, and Cyber Asset Identification
  • Cyber Security Policy Development
  • Security Perimeter Design
  • Access Control Design
  • System Security

N&ST’s Security Consultants are fulltime employees with many years of experience in Information Technology and Operational Technology within the electric utility industry. We focus on delivering practical and innovative solutions to your most challenging compliance and security problems. Our projects are carefully managed to ensure complete client satisfaction within the quoted timeframe and price.