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NERC CIP Audit Preparation

Are Your Subject Matter Experts Ready for the CIP Audit?

SMESubject Matter Expert “soft skills” are often overlooked when preparing for a NERC CIP compliance audit. N&ST’s proven approach will instill confidence, composure, professionalism, organization, and proper vocabulary and response in your SMEs. Just the atmosphere of an audit, along with multiple audit team members and other observers, can make the most technically confident person feel stressed and become defensive during questioning. Being oversensitive can cause the SME to offer incomplete, inappropriate, and inaccurate responses. Auditors often pause during the interview session, and the SME unfortunately may nervously chatter to fill the silence. Not knowing what to expect from the audit team can produce a lot of unnecessary anxiety and unease for the SME. Properly preparing SMEs with the behaviors they will need during the audit will help relieve the stress, tension, and worry often associated with a NERC CIP compliance audit.

N&ST’s consultants have experience as auditors in multiple industries, 7 of the 8 NERC Regions, and as Regional Entity audit team members, incorporating this experience and knowledge into this offering.

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