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NERC CIP Mock Audit

Does the thought of an audit make you cringe?

You have completed your RSAWs and prepared your SMEs, now what? The next step is to test your abilities to perform under audit. An audit is extremely difficult to complete without a prior test of your documents, package assembly, and presentation skills.

Confidence comes with practice

N&ST has developed a mock audit offering to allow an entity to practice for its NERC CIP Audit. Two senior consultants run the mock audit using the general approach and format of an official audit. Sessions interweave audit questions and coaching discussions to prepare SMEssubject matter experts on strategies, tactics, and targeted wording to use in response to auditor questioning. The SMEs will get better at responding to questions and discussing their evidence in support of the Audit Team’s goal: to determine your program’s compliance.

During the engagement, all requirements in the current CIP Standards are evaluated. Ad hoc coaching advice, discussion around particular SME responses, and prolonged focus on certain requirements may limit deep analysis of all Requirements of each Standard.

N&ST encourages representatives from Internal Audit and Legal, in addition to the core NERC CIP compliance team and SMEs, to take part in the Mock Audit to become familiar with the style of questioning and the burden of proof on the organization.

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