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NERC CIP Program Development

Your NERC CIP Program is the backbone to ensuring security and compliance for your organization. That makes it all the more critical that it be all-encompassing and plays on your strengths both in security and compliance. Program development also identifies the areas that need improvement to strengthen your overall program.

Building out a new CIP Program or updating an existing program takes time and patience: time to understand all the processes used by your various teams in support of ongoing security and compliance needs, document and organize the processes to highlight the areas for compliance, and patience to work with the various groups to obtain agreement on program content and related documentation.

A typical program documents the processes followed to support a secure and compliant organization: A clear vision of what that program is, policies clearly stating what shall be done, processes and documented procedures providing organized steps, and apply procedural controls to ensure compliance to the NERC CIP Standards. Evidence is needed to prove that those policies, processes, procedures, and controls have been followed and completed as required.

N&ST’s Security Consultants have helped build security and compliance programs like that across the electric utility industry since the NERC CIP standards inception. Our primary goal is to make sure we develop a solid compliance program that builds a lasting and effective plan for managing your compliance efforts and prepares you to perform ongoing program maintenance.

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