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NERC CIP RSAW Development

Does your RSAW tell a good story? Is it logically organized? Do you have enough evidence? Do you have too much evidence?

Assemble your RSAW in a logical order so the auditors may efficiently navigate your evidentiary information. Your audit will be quicker and more effective. The RSAW will not provide all information the auditors need but will allow them to understand how you completed your work and what evidence you have to support it. The auditors will gather additional information during audit questioning.

N&ST’s Security Consultants, your compliance teams and subject matter experts complete your story with a well documented and appropriately assembled RSAW. We also offer sufficient information to support your audit requests; too much information is not well received by the audit teams.

We have supported our clients by completing the RSAWs in preparation for their CIP audits. N&ST has also acted as a Regional Entity auditor and reviewed many completed RSAWs. Our consultants know how to phrase your responses according to what the auditors expect.

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